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When we first inspected our house we thought the layout was quite odd. The kitchen was upstairs on the opposite side of the house to the pool and patio. We were lucky enough to have bought a house with a large open area downstairs that we could convert into the kitchen and living area.

Here’s what we had to work with. This is the area that we hoped to covert to our living area.


In the top of the photo you can see a little bar area which we hoped to turn into our new kitchen. All of the plumbing was already there so it would make for an easier conversion. It looks pretty ordinary here, but we had a vision for the area.


And here’s the view looking from the bar area.


After weeks/months of designing, planning and sourcing materials we had an idea of what we wanted it to look like. We had an idea to design a space that had a French Provincial / Hamptons Beach House feel.

So the bamboo floors went in. Here’s my husband and dad hard at work. As you can see, at this stage we had already had the shell of the kitchen made and we laid the bamboo flooring around it.


Unfortunately the tiles in the foyer were slightly higher than the tiles in the rest of the room so we had to dig them up and raise the height again to ensure the floor was level. This took some creative thinking with left over tiles.


And here’s the finished product. (Sorry it is a bit of a jump between these two stages but we were very busy – no time to take photos!)

Here’s the foyer.


The delightful kitchen.

photo (1)

The dining area.

photo (2)

The living area.


┬áThe lamp – we turned a vintage birdcage my sister gave me for Christmas one year into this cute lamp.


And my favorite, the love seat my Grandad gave my Grandma when they bought their first house.


We love these rooms and look forward to creating more spaces like this in our quest to make our house a beautiful home.

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      1. Post author

        Thanks Sue. We are using the Hampton’s Beach House style to guide our design decisions.
        Thanks for visiting,

    1. Post author

      Hi Katrina
      That’s my husbands creation – he is very handy. We love the shadow that it casts.

  1. Shonah

    Loved what you’ve done and an inspiring website Billie….thank you
    Just wondering what colour bamboo floor you went for?
    Wish my husband was handy, but he has other good qualities

    1. Post author

      Hi Shonah, thanks for your kind words. We are thoroughly enjoying the process and I love sharing our progress on the blog. The bamboo floor is ‘A’ Grade Strand Woven Bamboo Natural Color.
      I hope this helps.
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

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