Introducing Miss Molly

We have been thinking of getting a furry family member for a while. Since the yard is fully fenced in and secure we decided over the Christmas holiday to take the plunge.

Meet Miss Molly – 13 weeks old when we got her. She’s a Maltese Shitzu Cross with the most adorable little personality.

Miss Molly

The first day we got her was really hot and we were swimming in the pool. Molly was doing her own thing exploring the yard then decided she wanted to come and visit us for a cuddle. She walked straight through the pool fence (she’s only a tiny 2kg) and she thought she could walk on water over to us. Clearly she had never been near water before, but she immediately started swimming and we taught her where the step is. This is a less than impressed little girl once she got out.


One of our friends told us a horrible story of their dog drowning in the pool while they were out. Luckily Molly now has no interest in the pool, even when we are in it she won’t come near it.

She is so playful and is obsessed with sticks and leaves.

Molly playing

This is Molly and me getting to know each other on the first night.

Molly and me

And Molly resting with her teddy bear.

Molly resting

We’ve had her for a week and a half now and we have decided to train her to follow instructions, because after all we have done so much hard work renovating our home beautiful, we don’t want it getting destroyed by Miss Molly. We are really consistent with the wording that we use and she is amazing how much she’s learnt in 10 days. Keeping in mind also that she didn’t even have Molly for a name 11 days ago, we thought we’d show you the amazing things she’s learnt. It certainly takes patience and persistence, but it’s so much fun watching her learn and grow.

I look forward to sharing the next lot of tricks she learns.

Happy New Year!


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