Painting our path and driveway

Painting our path and driveway

It has been a while since I have written on my blog. To be honest we have had so much going on around our house that I haven’t had much time. We have been extremely busy completing a few projects that I can’t wait to share on my blog in the coming weeks.

We have put so much effort into making the front of our home beautiful but it just didn’t quite look ‘finished’. To add that finishing touch it was decided that we needed to paint the drive and path. Here is a look at some before photos.
The front of the house
Before front

And the gate house
Before gate house


Before painting the drive and path, we wanted to ensure we prepped the surface correctly. To do this we did an acid wash of the concrete, scrubbed it with a broom then hosed it off after 15 minutes. We then waited a day for it to dry before starting painting. Here’s me doing the acid wash.

Acid wash


There were lengthy discussions about what colour to paint it. Given that our house is predominately grey and white, we wanted to tie in the red roof to complete the picture. So, we decided on red. My husband was very nervous, but mum and I were convinced that it was the right choice.

So off I went and started the painting. The first stroke was exciting but nerve wracking. There was no turning back.

Painting the path

Path near front door

It was quite a lengthy process as the paint required two coats and 16 hours drying time in between. We are grateful that our amazing neighbour allowed us to park in her carport for a week as we wanted to ensure it set properly before driving on it (thanks Sarah).

And here’s how it turned out.

The front of the house, perfect match with the roof



The entrance


The gate house – paint matching beautifully with our number 8.

Finished gate house

And the path

Finished path

What a difference a coat of paint can make.
Thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. Stephanie

    Wow -the colour match is excellent . The red roof and driveway really pulls the initial visual presentation together. Congratulations

  2. Tash

    Amazing colour match. It’s so nice and glossy too. The front didn’t look ‘unfinished’ until I saw it ‘finished’!

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