Garage to Luxury Hampton’s Lounge Room

Garage to Luxury Hampton’s Lounge Room

Once we finished the garage extension out the front of the house (see transforming the outside of our home), it was time to transform the garage into another living space. After a brainstorming session with my lovely sister in law and my husband, we decided we were going to call this room ‘The Den’. Now that the room is finished I am excited to share photos of the process.

Here’s where it all began – one humble garage and a huge vision!

Garage 1

The first thing that needed to be done was knock a hole in the wall for the glass doors. Here’s a photo just before the demolition. It originally had a small window here (you can see it boarded up), but given this is the northern wall of the house it would allow a lot of natural light into the room. The before …

Before knocking the hole in the wall for the door

Waiting for the hole

During …


And after…


Celebration of the door going in…

Celebrating the door going in

Then the garage doors needed to be removed and the man cave out the front for Damian’s surfboards needed to be built. There’s nothing worse than seeing a garage built in and you can still tell it used to be a garage because people just put glass where the garage doors were once. We decided on VJ paneling to keep with Hamptons Beach feel. Here’s the window going in at the front and to the left the timber structure for Damian’s man cave/surfboard room.

Building in the garage 1

Me doing the horrible job of painting the VJ paneling and the cladding outside. (You’ll notice whenever I am painting I have the same ‘painting clothes’ on haha).

Painting the JV wall

Painting the cladding

Proud moment – another lot of painting completed.

cladding painted

All that was needed now was painting the walls, ceiling and the carpet to be laid. And of course, some interior decorating! The colour scheme took many many hours of deliberation, but we decided on blue and green (see Blue and Green can be seen).

And here is the finished product. I think you’ll agree we achieved the luxurious and relaxed look we were after? Once again, thanks Dad for all your help. X

Finished den 1

Finished den

Our stylish mirror.

Gorgeous mirror

Soft greenery and Josh the Duck.

Josh the duck and greenery

Elegant timepiece.

Elegant timepiece

Coffee table book and lantern.

Coffee table book

We thoroughly enjoy our time spent relaxing in the den after a hard day at work.

I hope you like our transformation. We’d love to hear what you think, please leave a comment.


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