How to make a soy candle – 5 easy steps

How to make a soy candle – 5 easy steps

There’s nothing more soothing than the subtle aroma of candles burning in your home. It can bring the feeling of warmth to a room and can also add ambience. If you are like me and enjoy always having a candle burning it can be quite an expensive luxury, sometimes paying over $30 per candle. As a result I decided to look into the process of making my own candles. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised how simple the process is. Follow these simple steps and your home will be filled with a delicate aroma in no time.

Set up

There’s a few organisational things that need to be done before you start candle making.

First you need to buy candle making equipment.


Equipment includes:

a set of scales (to weigh the wax), microwave safe glass jar, fragrances, colour chips, stickums, wicks, thermometer, soy wax, a wooden spoon and (pretty) glass jars.

Now that you have all of the equipment, you are ready to go. Set up the jars by placing the stickums in the centre of the jar then the wick into jar.

Stickums and wicks

Secure the wick with a wick holder – this will ensure the wick stays centred and the candle burns beautifully.

Wick holder

Now you are ready to follow 5 easy steps to make your candle!


Step 1. Measure flakes using a set of scales (see Tip 1 below)

Weighing the wax

Step 2. Pour flakes into a microwave safe jug then microwave. If you have 500 grams of wax you will need to microwave in a 1200w microwave for approx 4 min.

Glass jar

Step 3. When the microwaving is complete remove carfeully and add the colour chip and fragrance (see Tip 2 below).

Melted wax

Stir 20 times in one direction then 20 times in the other direction.

Stir in fragrance and colour chip

Step 4. Wait till the wax cools to 52 degrees then pour to just below the top of the jar.

Wait for temperature to drop

Pour into jars

Don’t move the jars for 24 hours, then cut the wick down to 10 mm.

Wait 24 hours

Step 5. Enjoy the beautiful fragrance that permeates throughout your home


Tip 1 – To workout the amount of soy flakes needed pour water into the jar you will be doing your candle in, then pour it into a measuring cup. 100ml of water = 100 grams of flakes.

Tip 2 – To work out the amount of fragrance needed, after working out the amount of flakes do some calculations. 100grams wax x 8% = 8 ml of fragrance (a little more if you’d like a stronger smell)



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