‘Must have’ herbs for your winter garden

‘Must have’ herbs for your winter garden

Growing herbs in the colder months does take more care and consideration. The sunlight hours are less and the sun is also lower, so many vegetable gardens can be in complete shade during the winter months – like ours! Although plants grow at a much slower pace in the cooler months you can still enjoy the rewards.

Not every herb is going to look great – or even survive – through autumn and winter. But, here’s a list of a few must-grows for year-round interest and great taste:

Dill: this is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Dill is most productive in full sun, although ours gets no sun currently and it is still producing. Dill enjoys moist, well-drained soil and it’s important to cut the tops off the plants to prevent them from going to seed.


Chives: have a dark green foliage and is a vital ingredient on many hearty winter dishes. Enjoys full sun to part shade and well drained soil.


Rosemary: available as a creeping trailer to add interest to a retaining wall or as an upright conifer-like shrub to punctuate a perennial border with year-round green. Chopped with garlic, pepper and salt, it makes a fast, flavorful rub for just about any roast. This plant likes well drained soil and is drought tolerant.


Parsley: very popular for garnishing dishes and adding to soup, it can tolerate shade or sun and like moist but well grained soil.


Coriander: we have a bit of trouble with coriander in the warmer months as it goes to seed. During the cooler months however we enjoy endless produce off this aromatic herb plant. We use the leaves in salads and in wraps. Coriander is most productive in sun, however we have no trouble growing it in the shade in soil that is well drained.


I hope you enjoy the benefits of your herb garden during the cooler months!



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