6 homemade puppy toys to keep them entertained

We are certainly guilty of buying soft cute toys for Molly every time we go to the pet store for food. She even has a toy box where all her toys are kept.

toy box

We recently got to the stage where she pulled the insides out of 3 innocent fluffy toys in one week. It was at that stage that Damian was throwing out a pair of work socks. He decided to tie them together with about 4 knots and give it to Molly as a toy. Well she was wrapped with it. She would carry it around everywhere she went. We then decided to put some thought into other ‘toys’ we could make for Molly from things around the house – as you can see from the video above, items found around the home can bring just as much enjoyment, including dead palm fronds!

Here’s 6 quick, cheap and easy toys from around your home to keep your little buddy entertained:

Idea 1 – used milk bottle

We often throw out at least one milk or orange juice bottle a week. Not anymore! Molly loves the challenge of carrying around the bottle in her mouth and loves the crinkly sound it makes when she bites it. We rotate the bottles and give her a new one every week so she doesn’t destroy it and eat the plastic. juice bottle

Idea 2 – tied up sock

As mentioned before, Molly loves her Daddy’s old socks tied up as toys.

sock toy

Idea 3 – treat puzzle with old toys or water bottles

We drilled some holes in Molly’s old squeaky toys and put her food in them. The holes have to be big enough for the treats to come out but small enough so they don’t fall out too easily. After all you want them to stay entertained and challenged for a little while.

treat toy

Idea 4 – freeze your puppy’s toys

I haven’t tried this one yet, but will when the weather is warmer!

homemade dog toy

Idea 5 – bottle inside an old shirt

Molly loves chewing on a bottle tied inside an old shirt.

bottle in old shirt

Idea 6 – tied up old shirt

Do you have any old shirts in the back of your cupboard? Cut them up and tie it into knots for hours of puppy play.


And don’t forget a dead palm frond – a quick and easy way to exercise your pup.

So it appears you don’t have to spend heaps of money on puppy toys after all. Your furry family members can be just as happy with homemade toys.

Happy playing,


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