Renovation of the puppy palace

Renovation of the puppy palace

Our little Molly brings us great joy and unconditional love everyday. She lights up the room when she enters it (even if she is in one of her crazy moods) and always puts a smile on our face. How can this beautiful pup not melt your heart!


During the day when we are at work Molly has a beautiful big yard to run around and patrol. We recently came up with the idea to also have a little cubby house for her to snuggle up in during the day. We want to ensure she feels secure when we are not there, and also have the comfort and luxury she deserves. I did some research about puppy palaces and found out that a puppy with a space that is their own and somewhere they can have alone time is a happy puppy. Of course we will do anything we can for her because she gives us so much love. So we set off on a mission to purchase our little girl some property.

We found a beautiful ‘fixer upper’ on the internet. Without delay, we made the property purchase. Here it is, Molly was not sure it was up to her standard initially. We didn’t force it on her. We let her check it out in her own time. We also tried to encourage her that it was a positive thing by putting her treats inside.

Molly checking out her new cubby

It certainly doesn’t match the big house, so we decided a renovation was necessary. After much consultation with Molly it was decided that we would stick with the same colour scheme and design style of the rest of our property. So the renovation commenced….

It was important that Molly saw us fussing over her house so she would realise it was special.

The first stage of the renovation was the undercoat then the taping up and cutting in.

Stage one of the renovation

Then the second coat and final coat the next day. Molly closely supervised this stage.

Molly supervising

No puppy palace is complete without the naming of it, so we went to a craft store and bought some wooden letters and painted them red, then had a naming ceremony.

The finished cubby

Molly loves her little palace and even when we are at home and she is free to come inside as she pleases, we still find her out snuggled up or chewing a toy in her little home. When I get home from a run I also sneak a peak through the picket fence to see what she is up to.  Often she is inside either sleeping or just keeping a watch on her yard.

We had heaps of fun renovating Molly’s cubby and are thrilled she loves it.


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