People with clean homes always….

People with clean homes always….

With a new year, comes new years resolutions. For some that might be to de-clutter and live in a tidy home.

I’ve been visiting family and friends over the festive season and admired how people live and how they keep their homes. That got me thinking….what simple steps do people do on a daily basis to keep their homes tidy? You certainly don’t need a house keeper to keep your home tidy. Here’s a few simple steps to a tranquil and clean home.

1. Put Away Clothes
When you’re changing into your pjs, you could just throw them onto the floor, but don’t fall prey to that lazy trap. It takes a couple of seconds to put them in your laundry hamper or return them to your wardrobe. . Same could be said when you’re trying on an outfit or when you’ve just finished doing your laundry.

2. Don’t Own Extras
What are you going to do with a dozen sets of towels or five frying pans? If you don’t need it: delete it! You’ll be saving much more space.

3. Keep a Paper Trail to a Minimum
It’s easy to leave stacks of junk mail and old newspapers throughout your house. Create a good filing system to save the important documents and throw out the rest.

4. Wipe Down Every Surface After Use
Crumbs, grease, and food stains are not a good look for your house. Wipe down your benches after you use them.

5. Don’t Have Beds Piled High With Too Much Stuff
It’s nice to have some decorative pillows and throw blankets to maintain a perfectly styled bed, but keep it to a minimum. The fewer steps it takes to make the bed every morning, the more likely you’ll actually do it.

6. Put Shoes Away
It’s common for an entryway to have a shoe pile-up but it sure doesn’t look tidy and it’s not a good first impression for your guests. Put your shoes in your cupboard or place a shoe rack near the door.

7. Never Let Dishes Pile Up
This one’s pretty much a no-brainer, but taking a few minutes to do three or five dishes is way better than doing 15 at the end of the week.

8. Put Things Back Where They Came From
If you do this, you won’t have stuff everywhere and random magazines, books, and toys on your coffee table. This habit makes the panic-filled, 5-minute clean-up before guests arrive a little better.

9. They Dust and Vacuum on the Regular
A few minutes of dusting or vacuuming a couple of times a week will save you from doing a huge clean on the weekend when you could be relaxing.

A home should be a relaxing place. I hope these simple tips are useful to make your home into a sanctuary.


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