Building our picket fence & gate house

Building our picket fence & gate house

My extremely talented husband set out on an adventure to build us a picket fence. After initial consultation with my Dad, he developed a plan of action and off he went.

I’d like to start by announcing the fence is 25 metres in total and I was the lucky one that painted the 200 fence palings, the rails and the posts (not that I am complaining.) Now that’s a lot of painting, so we decided to set up a painting factory in our garage. Painting white, next to black car, nothing could go wrong here?


The painting took about 5 weeks because each paling needed 4 coats to achieve the brilliant white we were after. We were after a different look to our picket fence, so we did a lot of research and found some different design ideas which I wrote about in this blog article – Picket fences to admire.

There are a few different options for the tops of the palings as you can see below – these are more of a colonial style.

index images

But we decided to have a more original pointed look, so we cut the ends off the (200) palings at a 30 degree angle.

Then the construction began, but first here’s another ‘before’ shot.


The foundations went in and the rails went up. The poor murraya hedge took a bit of a hit. We had to cut it back because we wanted the picket fence to run in line with the existing brick fence. You will probably also notice here that we decided to do both the posts and the rails grey (paint colour – double strength shale grey) as a contrast to the white pickets.


I’ve always loved the idea of having a gate house at the entrance to our home, and the idea complemented the picket fence beautifully. Here’s Dad building our gate house (thanks Dad xx).


And here’s the finished product – looks brilliant with the new carport.


The view from inside our house looking out.

photo (8)

I found this delightful mail box that was perfect for the look we were after.


And the post caps …… well this proved to be one of the most challenging aspects to the project. I searched everywhere to try to find the right post caps. Now as you know we love the Hamptons Style Beach House look, and wanted to replicate the types of picket fences you would see in that region, so I had a particular style in mind. I think I searched on the internet for about 6 weeks until I found these. We ended up importing them from the US.


And lastly the gate house from the inside.


We love how our home is coming together and we are very grateful for the ongoing help and expertise of both of my parents.

We are going to write a blog article on ‘tips for building a picket fence and gate’ soon, but in the meantime we’d love to know what you think of the progress.

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  1. Jessica

    It looks so cute :) Thanks for sharing this with us. It is very important to know more about the something before we start to do it. Thanks for sharing it with it so that we will have it in our mind for building our own.

  2. Faye Holcroft

    Hi thanks for sharing your story. Just wondering did you start with square ended pickets or did you buy the fancier ones, then saw the ends off?

    I’ve only just started looking into this and I love what you’ve done, so I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question.


    1. Post author

      Hi Faye
      Great question. We just bought the standard plain palings then cut them off at an angle. It’s a cheaper option too!

    1. Post author

      Thanks for the support! Even though the carport got put in professionally there was a lot of work putting that fence in, and getting everything to fit. All the work has moved inside now!

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