Transforming the outside of our home

Transforming the outside of our home

We have decided we want to build in the double garage, so we need to make a carport/garage out the front of our home. It’s now complete, but I thought I’d share the process of how it all came together.

So here’s where we started. Now we want to move the carport slightly to the right so we need to get a slab laid. Lots of demolition and moving of pavers to happen!


Here’s how the process unfolded….

The painstaking process of removing 3500 pavers began.


I feel like the time it took you to look at those photos just didn’t do it justice! That took mum and I weeks to do. (thanks mum xx)

Then the bobcat and concreter to prep for the slab.


We got a bit of a shock when we came home and saw the size the slab was going to be.


The night before the slab was going down was a sleepless night, it rained and rained and rained. But fortunately it cleared by morning and they bucketed the water out.

This is 45 minutes after the concrete truck arrived – they are quick!


14 days later, once the slab was fully set, our garage/carport arrived.


And up it went.


Then the cladding down the sides. (A huge hanks to dad for all of his help with this fiddly job, thanks dad xx).


Then lastly, the garage door.


Another huge transformation of our house. Looking forward to sharing the finished product.

I’d love to know what you think.


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  1. Kate

    WOW guys, what a transformation a garage can do. Your home is coming along beautifully,I love reading the updates and watching the transformations take place.

    The new design of the website looks great too, very clean and crisp well done xxx

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