About me

Hi my name is Billie. P1020347 In August 2011, my husband and I bought a house 200 meters from the beach on the Gold Coast in Australia. Since then it has become a desire of mine to turn our house into our beautiful ‘home.’

I’m passionate about interiors, renovating, decorating and gardening and think we can DIY anything (but are not always successful).

The Beautiful Home is about designing a spacious, light and stylish home. We hope to create a home full of things we love that are stylish, liveable and relaxing spaces.

By the end of this journey we hope to have created a happy home that looks and feels welcoming.

This blog is a record of this evolving and exciting journey – the renovating, the decorating, the gardening, the planning and all the fun and games in-between.

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I hope you enjoy my blog,